30th August - 3rd November 2019

Ride the Lights - Blackpool Illuminations

Tuesday 28th August 2018

Ride The Lights

Ride the Lights is an annual event that closes off Blackpool Promenade to all traffic except Cycles! 2018 is the 12th anniversary. It is held a few days before the Big Illuminations Switch On. In 2018 it is on Tuesday 28th August, at approximately 7pm* Ride the lights begins. The roads reopen at approximately 10pm. It is a great way to see the Illuminations before the official switch on and get some excersize at the same time.

In 2017 for the second time, riders were able to detour through the Blackpool Pleasure Beach via it's North Enterance. Riders who detour into the Pleasure Beach were be greeted by a live DJ set. Nickelodeon and Blackpool Pleasure Beach characters were in attendance from 7-10pm for cyclists only. The Pleasure Beach staff had kindly volunteered their time to give people this fantastic new experience.

The free event is getting more and more popular each year and is attended by thousands of people. It has become a firm favourite with residents and visitors alike.

As well as getting the chance of a first look at the Illuminations ahead of Switch On, cyclists are able to enjoy riding on the Promenade without having to worry about cars.

There is entertainment taking place at the Ride the Lights hub located on the Tower Festival Headlands opposite The Blackpool Tower.

Radio Wave presenters will be hosting the main stage of live music and fun.

The route runs the full length of the Illuminations from Starr Gate, in the South all the way through to Red Bank Road at the North with riders able to go in either direction or join the ride at any point on the promenade.

Riders can cycle as much or as little of the course as they choose.

Ride the lights has been held each year since 2006 and the number of cycles grows each year. In 2009 it was estimated that 8000 people took part! In 2010 Sky TV are filmed the event to be screened as part of their ·Sky Ride· events promotion to encourage people to take up cycling. So if you are lucky you could find yourself on TV!

You can cycle the Illuminations to and from any point along Blackpool Promenade from Starr Gate in the South to Red Bank Road some 10 kilometres north. This is a great opportunity to get out that old rusty bike and cycle along the prom with the family.

Blackpool - Cycle The Lights

There are a few things that ALL bikes MUST have:

  • One working white light at the front.
  • One working red light at the rear.
  • Reccommendations:

  • A cycle helmet should be worn.
  • A responsible Adult should accompany all Children.

* Times subject to change.