When are Blackpool Illuminations ?

2009 Switch On & Off Times

All times are provisional and subject to change

4th SeptemberFriday**9.25 p.m.2.00 a.m.
5th SeptemberSaturday8.00 p.m.12.00 a.m.
6th SeptemberSunday***8.00 p.m.11.00 p.m.
7th SeptemberMonday8.00 p.m.11.00 p.m..
8th SeptemberTuesday8.00 p.m.11.00 p.m..
9th SeptemberWednesday8.00 p.m.11.00 p.m..
10th SeptemberThursday8.00 p.m.11.00 p.m..
11th SeptemberFriday***8.00 p.m.12.00 a.m.
12th SeptemberSaturday8.00p.m.12.00 a.m.
13th SeptemberSunday8.00p.m.11.00 p.m.
14th SeptemberMonday8.00p.m.11.00 p.m.
15th SeptemberTuesday8.00 p.m.11.00 p.m.
16th SeptemberWednesday8.00 p.m.11.00 p.m.
17th SeptemberThursday8.00 p.m.11.00 p.m..
18th SeptemberFriday***7.45 p.m.12.00 a.m.
19th SeptemberSaturday7.45 p.m.12.00 a.m.
20th SeptemberSunday7.45 p.m.11.00 p.m.
21th SeptemberMonday7.45 p.m.11.00 p.m.
22th SeptemberTuesday7.45 p.m.11.00 p.m.
23th SeptemberWednesday7.45 p.m.11.00 p.m.
24th SeptemberThursday7.45 p.m.11.00 p.m.
25th SeptemberFriday***7.30 p.m.12.00 a.m.
26th SeptemberSaturday7.30 p.m.12.00 a.m.
27th SeptemberSunday7.30 p.m.11.00 p.m.
28th SeptemberMonday7.30 p.m.11.00 p.m.
29th SeptemberTuesday7.30 p.m.11.00 p.m.
30th SeptemberWednesday7.30 p.m.11.00 p.m.
1st OctoberThursday7.30 p.m.11.00 p.m.
2nd OctoberFriday***7.15p.m.12.00 a.m.
3rd OctoberSaturday7.15 p.m.12.00 a.m.
4th OctoberSunday7.15p.m.11.00 p.m.
5th OctoberMonday7.15p.m.11.00 p.m.
6th OctoberTuesday7.15 p.m.11.00 p.m.
7th OctoberWednesday7.15p.m.11.00 p.m.
8th OctoberThursday7.15 p.m.11.00 p.m.
9th OctoberFriday7.00 p.m.12.00 a.m.
10th OctoberSaturday7.00 p.m.12.00 a.m.
11th OctoberSunday7.00 p.m.11.00 p.m.
12th OctoberMonday7.00 p.m.11.00 p.m.
13th OctoberTuesday7.00 p.m.11.00 p.m.
14th OctoberWednesday7.00 p.m.11.00 p.m.
15th OctoberThursday7.00p.m.11.00 p.m.
16th OctoberFriday6.45 p.m.12.00 a.m.
17th OctoberSaturday6.45p.m.12.00 a.m.
18th OctoberSunday6.45 p.m.11.00 p.m.
19th OctoberMonday6.45 p.m.11.00 p.m.
20th OctoberTuesday6.45 p.m.11.00 p.m.
21th OctoberWednesday6.45 p.m.11.00 p.m.
22th OctoberThursday6.45 p.m.11.00 p.m.
23th OctoberFriday6.30 p.m.12.00 a.m.
24th OctoberSaturday6.30 p.m.12.00 a.m.
25th OctoberSunday*6.30 p.m.12.00 a.m.
26th OctoberMonday5.00 p.m.11.00 p.m.
27stOctoberTuesday5.00 p.m.11.00 p.m.
28nd OctoberWednesday5.00pm11.00 p.m.
29rd OctoberThursday5.00 p.m.11.00 p.m.
30th OctoberFriday5.00 p.m.12.00 a.m.
31th OctoberSaturday5.00 p.m.12.00 a.m.
1st NovemberSunday5.00 p.m.11.00 p.m.
2nd NovemberMonday5.00 p.m.11.00 p.m.
3rd NovemberTuesday5.00 p.m.11.00 p.m.
4th NovemberWednesday5.00 p.m.11.00 p.m.
5th NovemberThursday5.00 p.m11.00 p.m.
6th NovemberFriday5.00 p.m.12.00 a.m.
7th NovemberSaturday5.00 p.m.12.00 a.m.
8th NovemberSunday5.00 p.m.11.00 p.m.

* Subject to confirmation of end of British Summer Time.

** Subject to confirmation of Switch On Event

*** World Fireworks Championship on North Pier

Switch-on times are all to be confirmed